There is no denying that each and every one of us is required to help make a difference, that is something we hold very close to us in all the work we do. Achieving carbon neutrality of our electrical energy isn’t the end goal, its the minimal we need to achieve and we are constantly looking at ways we can not only reduce our carbon emissions but look to improve the environment.

Sifer and all of the partners are dedicated to operating under ethical and envi­ron­men­tally friendly practices during our production processes. You can find out about our packaging and envi­ron­mental policy as a whole below: 

The printers used are  DTG printers which use only water-based inks. They’re OEKO-TEX® approved (they don’t contain any regulated or unregulated chemicals harmful to the environment).

All our clothing come from organic and fair wear accredited garments.

All the excess and waste cardboard and paper we produce is recycled.

Waste ink is unavoidable, but our partners always dispose of responsibly.

Some times there are prints, this is sadly just unavoidable so to combat this all products that fail quality checks will be donated to charity. 

DPD,  our delivery partner, have a carbon neutral commitment.

The packaging used to ship all orders is 100% plastic free ( for the times where bubble wrap is required we use a bio-degradable bubble wrap for protection). 

Some of our items are fully manufactured in the UK by our partners, and you can be confident these are produced responsibly and ethically. These products include our tote bags.

The hosting of our websites are powered by 100% renewable energy.

 To help offsetting our Carbon Footprint £1 of every sale will be donated to Trees for Life who are dedicated to planting trees across the Scottish Highlands.

We want to be as open and honest about our commitment to this and we are willing to talk about any questions you might have. Please send us an email with any thoughts, ideas of questions you have. 

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