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Sifer is about change, it’s a business that believes we have to work together to make changes to keep our planet alive. It’s about supporting artists, music industry professionals, venues and all kinds of organisations in the changes they dream to make. We believe that we must pause what we are doing and make the changes, no matter how small, before we can press play again. We believe we need to be green and be loud in everything we do. We are shouting to create a better future.


We are researching every day on how to turn artists music green, will sales really slump if CDs were no longer produced in place alternative rewards offered. Are records as cool as they seem? Are there better ways to travel around the country on tour than a gas-guzzling van (or two), and how can we make that a cheaper option. There must be merch solutions made with materials which wont cost the earth and the bank account. What about venues, how can we reduce the tonnes of waste produced every gig, not only in a recycling sense but better still reuse what they have where they can. The labels, the producers, the promoters, all the other organisations, can you say you are doing the best you can? If so please tell us so that we can learn from you, and if not still let us know so we can help you!

It’s not just physical, there’s so much to understand around the digital footprint of everyone, where are your servers based for your website? How far are the employees travelling just to get to work? How are they powered? Some times you think you are doing the right thing but actually digital footprint is a lot worse than you realise.

These are just some of the issues we know of, we are human and we are learning every single day. We have some solutions already and we are working towards many others. Come be part of the revolution!

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Sifer is dedicated to bringing the music world green alternatives to what is currently out there. Digital footprints powered by green energy. Sustainable made to order merchandise, minimising waste. Tailor-made services delivering the differences our clients need.

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A few Stats

Our websites are powered by 100% renewable energy.

Some of our solutions

This is by no means every solution we have come up with, we are evolving every day from the help of everyone we work with. We want to do more, and we won't stop until we know we have a now and a future.

Digital Care

Managing the digital portfolio from advertising to online campaigns

Artist Merch

Creation and distribution of artist merch, with our all in one solution.

Web Design

The design and management of websites, all hosted on Green UK based servers

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